Monday, September 26, 2011

If You Take Away the Death Penalty, There's Justice All Around

Troy Davis, a man imprisoned for over twenty years for the alleged killing of a police officer, was put to death by the state of Georgia last Wednesday night. "Despite the evidence of his innocence, despite the support by a former president, an FBI director and the Pope, despite the seemingly endless appeals, Troy Davis was doomed to die. His fate was sealed the moment Mark MacPhail was gunned down on that hot Savannah night in 1989."

During the last hours of Davis' life and now among the aftermath of his death, the great debate surrounding the death penalty is once again surfacing in the media, and loudly. Issues of race, poverty, and the South have come to the forefront as major players in the debate, and controversy at large. What is the answer and where dose America go from here? 

Alec Baldwin and David Protess, both contributers for The Huffington Post relay their thoughts:

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